Legalize Freedom

Coming off of his 2016 record setting campaign, where he was not only able to help the Libertarian Party of Iowa attain major political party status in Iowa, but he also set the record for total voted received and the highest percentage of the vote in the history of the LPIA. John is hoping to do even bigger things in 2018 with no incumbent running in this year’s election, it will be a wide open race where he plans on attacking the issues our State and communities face by occupying the center of the political spectrum that has been vacated by the Alt-Right Republicans and the Far Left Progressives that are in this race, and instill some common sense back into the political fray.

John’s work as an advocate for the non-profit family law reform group, FUAN, has allowed him to work hand in hand with both Republican and Democrat leaders to put their partisan beliefs aside and focus on passing legislation that will help bring justice for children and families across the state. FUAN has advocated a record number of bills that have cleared the Senate already this year with unilateral and bi-partisan support behind them. So while the opposition is attempting to talk the talk about potential solutions they might bring to the table, John has already shown what it takes to get bills passed for the betterment of our society and will continue to lead by example for the people of District 75 by championing common sense policies that reflect our values as Iowans and continue to make us Iowa strong.

About Me

Former 2016 State Senate Candidate, John George of Marengo, is a Libertarian candidate for Iowa’s 75th District State Representative. Iowa’s 75th House District covers all of Benton County, as well as Hilton, Honey Creek, Marengo and Washington townships, and the communities of Marengo and Conroy, located in northern Iowa County. John
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Your Voice

Ending “New Federalism” and reigning in the Bureaucracy

Iowa needs to promote the autonomy of our state by strengthening our sovereignty by resisting federal money and incentive bonuses that come with strings attached to them. The federal government is reckless and out of control. The only way to check their abuse is to give the States back the power they once had. These federal “incentive bonuses” allow administrative
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Give Power Back to the People

Our legislators have been corrupted. Make no mistake that many may of ran for office with the best of intentions, but as the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” In the past two years of working as an advocate in Des Moines, it saddens me to say that most of our representatives could care less
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Criminal Justice and Judicial Reform

We are said to be a nation of laws and those that refuse to abide by the laws of society, shall be punished by the interest of justice. Well, I’m here to tell the law is nothing but the will of tyrants. Our entire system is broke. The War on Drugs has killed more people than actual drugs have, innocent
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