Give Power Back to the People

Our legislators have been corrupted. Make no mistake that many may of ran for office with the best of intentions, but as the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” In the past two years of working as an advocate in Des Moines, it saddens me to say that most of our representatives could care less about the voices of the people. They will smile and pretend that your concerns matter, but as soon as they lose sight of you, they’ve already forgotten your name. I’ve seen this in person many times. Our elected officials serve only themselves and corporate special interests who fund their re-election campaigns.

One major way to circumvent a non-responsive elective body is through a ballot initiative. These initiatives allow ordinary people like you or me to propose questions on issues that are important to a majority of Iowans by placing them on the official ballot to be voted on. Currently our state Constitution does not provide for something like this, and would require being amended. Luckily enough, we can avoid our representatives once again ignoring us on something like this, because 2020 is the next year that calls for a vote on a Constitutional Convention here in Iowa. By approving a convention if needed, we could give people back their voice and the power we once had and force our elected officials to finally listen or we can do it ourselves.