Criminal Justice and Judicial Reform

We are said to be a nation of laws and those that refuse to abide by the laws of society, shall be punished by the interest of justice. Well, I’m here to tell the law is nothing but the will of tyrants. Our entire system is broke. The War on Drugs has killed more people than actual drugs have, innocent people are murdered in cold blood by those entrusted to enforce the law, and positivist/statutory law has completely replaced the common law.

Look at this past legislative session and the damage that the Republican majority has done with the laws they have passed. Law enforcement believes that constitutional protection provided to individuals mean nothing, non-violent offenders deserve to be locked in a cage for years ruining their lives and that people selling loose cigarettes without a tax stamp can be killed by police with no consequences.

Judges ignore individual liberty over government authority, and completely dismember legislation through judicial activism. All this is a direct result of a multitude of unjust laws making their way onto the books and turning ordinary people into felons. We need to make the justice system just again (if it ever was). Forcing police to enforce bad laws makes them enemies in the eyes of the people who expect better.

Prisons are for murderers and rapists, not people who happen to partake of a plant that grows in nature or for parents who are forced to break the law to help their loved ones not suffer anymore. It’s time to bring common sense back to government and it starts now.